Our mission is to provide a forum for leaders, owners, and staff of political fundraising firms to network and grow as an industry. NAPF attracts fundraising professionals from across the country providing opportunities for networking, business development, continuing education and information on key industry issues.

National Association of Political Fundraisers


The National Association of Political Fundraisers is currently developing an accreditation process for eligible members. The goal of our certification process is not only to prepare professional fundraisers in effective best practices, but to build a community of passionate fundraisers who believe in ensuring the quality and consistency of our work. get to know you.


The definition of a professional is one that involves prolonged training and formal qualification. We all have fundraising as our chosen profession, but many times it is impossible to communicate great ideas with colleagues. The National Association of Political Fundraisers is cultivating a growing community of professionals who have access to peer support, open exchange of ideas and development skills.


As professional political fundraisers, our livelihood depends on being highly productive. We value success above all else. With membership in the National Association of Political Fundraisers, we hope to take advantage of demonstrated methods to ensure continued productivity for ourselves and our businesses, as well as to learn new and exciting ways of accomplishing our common goals.


Executive Board


Somerlyn Cothran (R)

Cothran Development Strategies, Inc.

Ada, Oklahoma

Rachel Hirschberg (D)

Berger Hirschberg Srategies

Washington, DC


Krystal Alverado (R)

Sullivan Alvarado, LLC

Austin, Texas

Kristin Oblander (D)

The Oblander Group, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia

Board of Advisors

Chris Applegate (R)

Grigsby Applegate, LLC

Fort Worth, Texas

Jim McCray (R)

Highwood Capital, LLC

Washington, DC

Aubrey Montgomery (D)

Rittenhouse Political Partners

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa Spies (R)

The LS Group, Inc.

Alexandria, Virginia

Mary Kate Johnson (R)

The MK Group, LLC

Bethesda, Maryland

Cleta Mitchell

Of Counsel

Foley & Lardner, LLP

Washington, DC ​

Lindsay Roitman (D)

Fundraising Consultant

Seattle, Washington

Lisa Wagner (R)

Lisa Wagner and Company, Inc.

Batavia, Illinois


Request for Proposal

Are you searching for a fundraiser, or a vendor for political fundraisers (caterers, printers, web developers, voter software, etc)? This is for you! Fill out the request for proposal form and your RFP will be forwarded to all members of NAME. Members of NAPF will then contact you if they are interested!




Members receive monthly email updates, NAPF certificate of membership, opportunity to become a certified political fundraiser and access to the request for proposals from potential clients through NAPF. Membership benefits depend on membership level. 


Find the right membership level for you and your company. 


Become a member today!

General Membership:
  1. LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors and those individuals who have served at the Finance Director level for a statewide or federal campaign committee for a minimum of 6 years are eligible for general membership in NAPF.
  2. The prospective member company must derive a minimum of 80% of its income from fundraising services.
  3. These members are eligible to serve on the Board of Advisors
Resource Membership:
  1. Vendors of political fundraisers
  2. A limited number of resource members may be eligible to serve on the Association’s Board of Advisors
Examples would be: hotels, direct mail firms, consulting companies, state & federal professional associations, political parties, PACs, political organizations, corporations, caucuses, catering companies, etc.
Associate Membership:
  1. Individual fundraisers who are directly employed by a single political or candidate committee/organization, aspiring fundraisers and volunteers.
Examples would be: volunteer fundraisers, campaign staff, students, etc.

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